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the Web server: Some can use the credentials of the SOAP connection;
some can use HTTPS for a secure transport layer. Using JDMWS
allows leveraging security systems already in place.
On the other hand, Chapter 12 showed that a complete JDM appli-
cation needs some data manipulation facilities, and dealing with a
remote connection such as JDMWS will not facilitate the creation of
datasets used to build or apply models. JDM 2.0 will introduce the
data transformations to the standard to cope with this situation.
Meanwhile, there is a lot that can be achieved through JDMWS in
cases where the processes are well defined and the datasets are
already prepared in a repository. For example, in customer relation-
ship management (CRM), it is common for datasets representing a
360-degree view of customers to be prepared in a data warehouse.
These datasets can then be reused to build multiple models and
apply them on preconstructed filtered customer populations. We can
then use JDMWS to automate business scenarios where the user has
only to select datasets from an existing list to build or apply models.
This chapter uses the Apache Axis framework for two reasons:
(1) it demonstrates that the WSDL provided with JDM is compatible
with the current version of this framework, and (2) this framework is
widely used and provided under open source. The following
sections do not correspond to the implementation of an application
but rather constitute a “how-to” guide to start a client implementa-
tion on top of JDMWS. For this, we show how to use Axis to generate
Java classes and then provide source code to:
Open a connection to the JDMWS live server
Create and populate a build settings object with logical
Create and save a physical dataset
Create, populate, and save a build task
Execute the Build Task that places the model in the repository
This code could be used, for example, to create models that will be
used for single record apply tasks presenting the PHP product
recommendation, as shown in the previous section.
How to Generate Java Classes with Axis
The first step when using the Apache Axis framework [AXIS 2001],
when provided with an existing WSDL file, is to use the
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