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64. return ( substr( $str,0,strlen( $sub ) ) $sub);
65. }
66. require_once('nusoap.php');
67. $namespace "";
68. $kjdmclient new soapclient('http://myHost:1234/KxServices/services/
69. $applySettingsName "PHP-Product-ApplySettings";
70. $ParamAppSett '<objectName>' . $applySettingsName . '</objectName>'
71. .'<object xsi:type "ClassificationApplySettings"'
72. .'xmlns "">'
73. .'<categoryMap category "1" content "probability"'
74. .'destPhysAttrName "Probability"/>'
75. .'</object>';
76. $SaveObjResponse $kjdmclient->call("saveObject",
77. $ParamAppSett,
78. $namespace);
Lines 61 to 65 define the function used to filter the models. Line 66
includes the NuSOAP library, which is used at line 68 to connect to a
specific Web services implementation using the call β€œnew soapclient.”
This function takes the uniform resource identifier (URI) of the Web
services implementation as an argument. In our example, it will
look for the machine called MyHost on port 1234, which should be
dedicated on this machine to listening to SOAP requests. In this
example, KxServices is the name of the Web services context on
Note that the JDM Web services definition does not forward the
JDM class of Connection in any application programming interface
(API) argument. Any JDM Web services implementation will use an
internal default connection. From an application using JDM Web
services, for example, there is no possibility to specify a user, pass-
word, or connection. On the other hand, SOAP can be used to specify
credentials when connecting to the Web server. The connection
details will be specified at the installation of the specific Web services
implementation on MyHost.
Before executing a RecordApplyTask on each of the models, we first
save a ClassificationApplySettings object that specifies that we want
the probability the caller will purchase the particular product, that is,
has a target value of β€œ1”. We show how to use JDMWS to save this
object; however, a production implementation may assume that this
ClassificationApplySettings is already saved in the MOR.
Here, we show how to create the XML document representing the
argument of the call to saveObject . Looking at the jdm.wsdl file, we
find that the argument must be of type saveObject , which contains
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