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The implementation is contained in a single PHP file, called
Product.php . Portions of this file are discussed next.
Filling the Input Values Using Javascript
The first section of the source code of Product.php produces a form
that presents the three attributes to be filled by the user. The first two
attributes, education and marital-status , are discrete and a drop-down
list supplies the possible values; the third attribute is a continuous
attribute called capital-gains . The code below produces this form such
that when the user clicks on the Score button, these values are for-
warded and the PHP code is run.
1. <html>
2. <head>
3. <title>Product Recommendation through JDM Web Services</title>
4. </head>
5. <script language "JavaScript" type "text/javascript">
6. <body>
7. <form method "POST" action "Product.php">
8. <table cellpadding "5" cellspacing "0" border "1" width "50%">
9. <tr>
10. <td width "40%"><b>Variable</b></td>
11. <td><b>Value</b></td>
12. </tr>
13. <tr>
14. <td>education</td>
15. <td align "Left"><select name "education" >
16. <option value "5th-6th"> 5th-6th
17. <option value "7th-8th"> 7th-8th
18. <option value "9th"> 9th
19. <option value "10th"> 10th
20. <option value "11th"> 11th
21. <option value "12th"> 12th
22. <option value "Assoc-acdm"> Assoc-acdm
23. <option value "Assoc-voc"> Assoc-voc
24. <option value "Bachelors""> Bachelors
25. <option value "Doctorate"> Doctorate
26. <option value "HS-grad"> HS-grad
27. <option value "Masters"> Masters
28. <option value "Prof-school"> Prof-school
29. <option value "Some-college"> Some-college
30. </select><br/></td>
31. </tr>
33. <tr>
34. <td>marital-status</td>
35. <td align "Left"><select name "marital-status" >
36. <option value "Divorced"> Divorced
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