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Web Services
The World Wide Web is more and more used for application
to application communication. The programmatic interfaces
made available are referred to as Web services.
Programming language independence of web services enables a
legacy application to expose its functionality for other applications to
use. This chapter extends the JDM web services discussion in Chap-
ter 11 by presenting two examples. The first example illustrates how
a non-Java application client can interact with JDM web services in
the development of data mining applications. In this example, we
use PHP [PHP 2005]—a popular web application scripting language—
to develop a simple product recommendation application using JDM
web services. The second example is a generic illustration of how to
integrate calls to Web services (WS) from Java, which is useful for a
Java programmer.
A Web Service Client in PHP
PHP [PHP 2005] is a widely used general-purpose scripting language
that is especially well suited for Web development and can be
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