Java Reference
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Figure 13-2
A view of the “admin” console.
The main graphical object of this user interface is a table displaying
persisted objects. We have extended the graphical TableModel (this is
a Java Swing notion) to show the description and creation date of
each object. The table used when displaying Tasks has two additional
columns showing the task execution duration and status, as shown
in Figure 13-2.
Furthermore, the user can change the name of an existing object
by typing a new name in place of the old one. Names displayed in
the first column are editable. Name changes can be validated when
the user hits the RETURN key after having edited the name of the
object displayed in the first column or discarded when the user hits
the ESC key.
Creating the Connection
The code to create the connection is the same for all three consoles
presented. It is provided in a file called . All user
interfaces presented in this chapter inherit from this basic console.
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