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shows the executeTask operation defined under the portType element
and has an associated Java method signature as shown in Listing 11-3.
Note that this interface method is not taking input parameters using
JDM API objects. Instead it is taking the mapping objects in the
jdmws.webservices package generated by the JAX-RPC WSDL-to-Java
tool, because the JAX-RPC runtime automates the object serialization
and deserialization for these objects. The implementation of the exe-
cuteTask method uses the JDM API Connection.execute method and
returns the ExecutionTaskResponse by wrapping ExecutionStatus in the
Listing 11-2
executeTask WSDL portType operation
1. <operation name="executeTask">
2. <input message="jdmws:IDataMining_executeTask"/>
3. <output message="jdmws:IDataMining_executeTaskResponse"/>
4. <fault name="jdmExceptionMsg" message="jdmws:IDataMining_exception"/>
5. </operation>
Listing 11-3
JDM WSDL structure
public jdmws.webservices.ExecuteTaskResponse executeTask(
jdmws.webservices.ExecuteTask parameters )
throws java.rmi.RemoteException
Step 3: Deploy the Service
Based on the JAX-RPC runtime, define the deployment profile and
deploy as a service. For more details about the JAX-RPC deployment
refer to [Haefel 2003] and [JAXRPC 2006]. The JAX-RPC is one of the
most popular frameworks for enabling JDMWS and interacting with
JDM implementations. However, developers can choose any other
framework, such as .Net [.Net 2006], to enable JDMWS.
JDMWS provides the functionality consistent with the JDM Java API
and increases the breadth of options available to application archi-
tects for integrating data mining functionality with existing applica-
tions. JDMWS fits well with the requirements of SOA and enables
enterprises to adopt more flexible and standards-based data mining
integration. JDMWS defines the WSDL document that describes the
standard JDM Web services operations and messages. JDMWS can be
enabled either by wrapping existing JDM implementations using
JAX-RPC or by using any vendor-specific implementation. As Web
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