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Figure 11-8 depicts a representation of JDM WSDL contents from
Oracle JDeveloper [JDEV 2006]. The first column in the figure, Ser-
vices , shows that JDM WSDL contains a service called
DataMiningService with one port called IDataMiningPort to which a
service requester can communicate. The second column, Bindings ,
shows the details of the operation binding, message formats, and
protocols to which IDataMiningPort is binded. The third column,
PortTypes , defines the operations and the messages used in those
operations. The last column, Messages , shows the list of defined
Listing 11-1 illustrates the structure and contents of JDM WSDL
[JDM-WSDL 2006]. This listing shows the WSDL's seven important
elements— types, import, message, portType, operations, binding , and
service —that are under the common parent element definitions . The
definitions element (line 2) has a name attribute to define the name
of the WSDL document; the targetNameSpace attribute refers to the
JDM Web services namespace
that defines the types and elements specific to the JDMWS. The
namespace is different from the JDM Schema namespace to
Figure 11-8
JDM WSDL view from Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3 WSDL Viewer.
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