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vendor lock-in and having to rewrite applications, IT prefers a
standards-based solution.
Because the integration solution requires programming language
and DME independence, as well as a low impact on existing produc-
tion applications, JDM Web services with an SOA architecture fits
well for these needs. Now, we detail changes to the process and
application architecture to fulfill ABCBank's application integration
needs. We also explain which JDMWS operations can be used to
automate the data mining process using BPEL and which JDMWS
operations can be used to get data mining results reflecting real-time
Figure 11-5 depicts the new architecture and department responsi-
bilities. In the proposed system, DM Lab finds the best performing
model(s), provides the necessary settings to build models, and com-
municates results and quality thresholds to IT. IT integrates the pro-
posed data mining solution in coordination with DM Lab using
BPEL process designer tools and JDMWS. IT verifies the process and
deploys it to the BPEL engine. Unlike the old integration where DM
Lab was responsible for producing results every time data was
updated, in the new process DM Lab needs only to define the initial
model, and the model will be automatically rebuilt at specified inter-
vals with new data. When a model is not producing results within
the specified limits, DM Lab will be notified to improve the model.
Enterprise Applications
Data Mining Lab
Integrate automated data mining processes
Embed data mining results with
production applications as needed
Embed single-record scoring to enable
real-time decisioning
Define attributes for a data mining problem
Find the best model(s) using sample data
Provide the best model and quality thresholds to IT
Fix notified model performance issues
IT Department
BPEL processes
Automate the data collection for DM Lab
Automate data mining process using JDMWS and BPEL
Integrate model performance issue notifications to DM Lab
Provide ability to view model performance to DM Lab
JDM Web Service
Data Mining Engine
Figure 11-5
ABCBank's proposed data mining process integration with JDMWS.
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