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The MiningAlgorithmStd simple type (line 1) is used to specify the
enumeration of JDM standard algorithms. The MiningAlgorithm simple
type (line 2) is the union of values defined in MiningAlgorithmStd,
and EnumerationExtension . JDM implementations can optionally define
EnumerationExtension to add vendor specific enumeration values.
The EnumerationExtension type (line 3) is a string type whose value
starts with “ext:” . For example, a vendor can add a new genetic algo-
rithm to the MiningAlgorithm enumerations as “ ext:genetic ” using the
EnumerationExtension .
Listing 10-6
MiningAlgorithm enumeration
1.<xsd:simpleType name=" MiningAlgorithmStd ">
<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
<xsd:enumeration value="svmClassification"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="svmRegression"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="decisionTree"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="naiveBayes"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="kMeans"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="feedForwardNeuralNet"/>
2. <xsd:simpleType name=" MiningAlgorithm ">
<xsd:union memberTypes="MiningAlgorithmStd EnumerationExtension"/>
3. <xsd:simpleType name=" EnumerationExtension ">
<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
<xsd:pattern value="ext:\S.*"/>
Using PMML with the JDM Schema
The Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) is a data mining
XML standard that defines the XML Schema for representing mining
model contents and model details [DMG-PMML 2006]. Instead of
redefining schema for model details, the JDM Schema defines only
JDM-specific model details and allows vendors to specify PMML-
compatible model contents as part of it.
Listing 10-7 illustrates a sample decision tree classification model
XML document that is compatible with JDM and PMML 3.0 XML
Schemas. Note that a JDM model element can encapsulate a PMML
model, as shown in line 3.
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