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Table 9-5
javax.datamining.ExecutionHandle interface
getLatestStatus(): ExecutionStatus
Returns the latest ExecutionStatus for the task.
waitForCompletion(int timeoutIn-
Seconds): ExecutionStatus
Waits synchronously for the specified time until the task associ-
ated with the handle completes, either successfully, in error, or as a
result of termination.
getStatus( fromTimestamp):
Returns a collection containing a time-ordered set of Execution-
Status instances since the specified timestamp.
terminate(): ExecutionStatus
Issues an asynchronous termination request for the executing task.
getStartTime(): java.util.Date
Returns the timestamp when task execution began.
Returns the duration of execution for the associated task in
containsWarning(): boolean
Returns true if there were any warnings during the execution.
Returns an array of ExecutionStatus objects that contain
Table 9-6
javax.datamining.ExecutionStatus interface
getState(): returns ExecutionState
Returns the ExecutionState of the task at a point in time.
getTimestamp(): returns java.util.Date
Returns the timestamp of when a given ExecutionStatus
instance was created.
getDescription(): returns String
Used to set the description of the object with the specified name
and type. Mining object type is specified using the Named
Object enumeration of named JDM objects.
containsWarning(): returns boolean
Returns true if there is a warning reported in this Execution-
Status instance.
Exploring Mining Capabilities
The Connection interface provides methods to explore the capabilities
of the DME, such as what functions, algorithms, and tasks are sup-
ported. Listing 9-6 adds the validation of supported capabilities to
the init method for the CustomerAttrition class. Line 5 uses the Connec-
tion.supportsCapability(MiningFunction, MiningAlgorithm, MiningTask)
method to validate whether the DME supports the classification
function and build task. Because we are not using any algorithm in
Listing 9-4, the MiningAlgorithm argument is specified as null.
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