Java Reference
In-Depth Information
DME, exploring the DME metadata and capabilities, creating and
maintaining object factories, and using JDM enumerations, data
specifications, and base settings interfaces. Later in this chapter, we
explain the use of function level interfaces with code examples.
In JDM, javax.datamining is the base package. All JDM interfaces
and classes are declared either in this package or its subpackages. In
this chapter, we refer to the JDM packages, interfaces, and classes
using relative path names. For example, the interface javax.datamining.
base.Model is referred to as base.Model .
Connection Interfaces
Connecting to the data mining engine (DME) is the first step in a
JDM application to establish communication between the API and
the DME. The DME connection-related interfaces are declared under
the resource package. A brief description of these interfaces is pro-
vided in Table 9-1.
Table 9-1
javax.datamining.resource package interfaces and classes
Used to create a DME Connection using one of the getConnection methods .
Used to specify DME location, authentication, and locale information .
Used to communicate with the DME. In addition, it provides methods to create
object factories, manage objects, and execute mining tasks .
Provides DME metadata, such as DME and JDM version information .
Enumeration of the various DME connection capabilities .
Enumeration of persistence options of named objects .
In the previous chapter, Section 8.3 briefly introduced different
ways to establish a DME connection using three different getCon-
nection methods declared in the resource.ConnectionFactory interface.
In this section, we extend that discussion with the comprehensive
details about all the connection-related interfaces, their methods, and
their use.
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