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Using the JDM API
Data mining has become a must-have element of enterprise analytics.
However, there are many obstacles to broaden inclusion of data
mining in everyday operational business intelligence (BI).
--From a Seth Grimes article Intelligent Enterprise Magazine [IEM, 2004]
One of the obstacles to operationalizing data mining in a business
intelligence (BI) solution is not having a standard framework or effec-
tive application programming interface (API). JDM addresses this
obstacle by defining a standard API to enable data mining function-
ality in BI solutions. This chapter focuses on how to use the JDM API
to develop vendor-neutral data mining solutions.
We extend the discussion of JDM object design in Chapter 8 with
details of object methods and their use. Further, we provide code
samples for the problems discussed in Chapter 7 to explain function-
specific and algorithm-specific JDM interfaces. Part III carries this
one step further by providing more detailed code examples to
develop various data mining solutions and tools. This chapter is
important to understand JDM at the code level.
Although core JDM interfaces are used irrespective of the data
mining problem type, other JDM interfaces are very much tied to
the specific data mining problem. This chapter begins with the
details of the JDM core API functionality, such as connecting to the
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