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Figure 8-17 illustrates the JDM Enum class diagram. Here
javax.datamining.Enum is an abstract base class for all the enumera-
tions defined in JDM. The Enum class has methods name( ), equals( ),
and compareTo( ) . The name( ) method is used to retrieve the name of
the enumeration. The Enum class overrides the Object.equals(obj)
method and does the comparison of this enumerated value with the
provided enumerated value. It returns true when both are equal;
otherwise it returns false. The compareTo(obj) method compares this
enumerated value with the provided enumerated value, it returns 0
when both the objects have same enumerated value. For more details
about these methods refer to [JDM11 2006].
Figure 8-17 also illustrates some JDM enumerations: MiningFunc-
tion, MiningTask, and MiningAlgorithm . These enumeration classes
have methods: values( ), valueOf(name), and addExtension(name) . For
MiningFunction the values( ) method returns an array of MiningFunc-
tion enumerations. The valueOf(name) method returns the Mining-
Function associated with the supplied name.
The method addExtension(name) is used to add vendor-specific
extensions to the JDM standard enumeration type. For example, it can
be used to add a vendor-specific mining function, say feature extraction
by calling addExtension(“featureExtraction”) . This method adds feature-
Extraction as a MiningFunction at the end of the JDM standard enumera-
tion values. The addExtension method gives vendors the ability to add
new enumeration values to the existing standard Enum class at runtime.
compare to (object obj) : int
equals (objects obj) : boolean
name () : String
association : MiningFunction
attributeImportance : MiningFunction
classification : MiningFunction
Mining Task
applyTask : MiningTask
buildTask : MiningTask
computeStatisticsTask : MiningTask
exportTask : MiningTask
importTask : MiningTask
decisionTree : MiningAlgorithm
feedForwardNeuralNet : MiningAlgorithm
kMeans : MiningAlgorithm
naiveBayes : MiningAlgorithm
svmClassification : MiningAlogrithm
svmRegression : MiningAlogrithm
addExtension(String name) : void
values of(String name) : MiningAlgorithm
values() :MiningAlgorithm[]
clustering : MiningFunction
regression : MiningFunction
addExtension(string name) : void
testTask : MiningTask
addExtension(String name) : void
valueof(String name) : MiningTask
valueof() : MiningTask[]
valuesOf (String name) : MiningFunction
values() : MiningFunction[]
Figure 8-17
JDM enumeration classes.
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