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Java Data Mining Concepts
The intension of a complex concept may be defined
in terms of more primitive concepts.
Data mining has its origins in conventional artificial intelligence,
machine learning, statistics, and database technologies, so it has much
of its terminology and concepts derived from these technologies. This
chapter further introduces data mining concepts for those new to data
mining, and will familiarize data mining experts with JDM-specific
data mining terminology and capabilities. Part I discussed various
business problems and the type of data mining functions that can be
used to solve these problems. An overview of general data mining
concepts relevant to Java Data Mining (JDM) also was given. This
chapter details and expands those concepts associated with each
mining function and algorithm by example. Although we discuss
higher-level details of each algorithm to give some intuition about
how each algorithm works, a detailed discussion of data mining
algorithms is beyond the scope of this topic.
This chapter explores data mining concepts in financial services by
using a set of business problems faced by a hypothetical consumer
bank called ABCBank. ABCBank provides banking and financial ser-
vices for individuals and corporate businesses. It has branch offices
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