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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
—Mark Twain (1835-1910)
As with any technology, the challenge to gaining proficiency is not
being afraid to venture into the unknown. As Mark Twain noted,
“the secret of getting ahead is getting started,” and a strategy to get
ahead with data mining is to start with small problems and
datasets, learn some basic techniques and processes, and keep
practicing. This chapter introduces a small code example to give
the reader a feel for the Java Data Mining (JDM) application pro-
gramming interface (API) in the context of a specific business prob-
lem before going into more detailed examples in Parts II and III of
this topic. The business problem we address involves response
modeling, as discussed in Chapter 2, for a fictitious company
DMWIZZ and their product Gizmos . Rather than dive right into the
code, this chapter follows the CRISP-DM data mining process by
first discussing the business understanding, data understanding,
and data preparation phases. Code is shown for modeling, and
evaluation and deployment are discussed. Note that each process
phase is not explored in depth, but enough to give the reader a feel
for the phase.
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