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Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
—Sun Tzu (c. 400-430 B . C .), Chinese military strategist
The term strategy can be defined as “a long term plan of action
designed to achieve a particular goal” [Wikipedia 2005]. The term
tactic can be defined as “a method or action for accomplishing an
end” [GBC 2005]. This chapter characterizes the strategic decisions
made for the Java Data Mining (JDM) standard. In addition, some of
the rationale for those strategies is provided. The overall goal in the
case of JDM is to make data mining accessible to Java developers and
Java-based applications. The JDM strategy is introduced in this chap-
ter using 10 strategic objectives. To heed the warning in the chapter-
opening quotation, we also highlight corresponding JDM tactics.
To understand the context of the JDM strategy, an understanding
of standards in general and data mining standards in particular is
beneficial. Hence, this chapter discusses the role of standards and
motivations for creating them. The benefits that data mining stan-
dards offer the advanced analytics community are discussed. Later,
in Chapter 17, the evolution of several data mining standards will be
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