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Complex Types
A complex element is an XML element that contains other elements or attributes.
In the XSD, the <element> tag declares the name of the element and its data type.
A sample complex element and its associated schema is shown in Table H-13.
Table H-13 Complex Type Element
Complex XML Element
XML Schema
an XML element that contains child elements or
<course_title>Web programming</course_title>
<xs:element name="schedule item">
<xs:element name="course_no" type="string" />
<xs:element name="course_title" type="string" />
</ xs:sequence>
</ xs:complexType>
</ xs:element>
XSL Style Sheets
Extensible Stylesheet Language ( XSL ), which is a language for expressing style
sheets, incorporates three technologies:
XSL Transformations
( XSLT ), a language for transforming XML documents into
other types of documents.
XML Path Language
( XPath ), a language used by XSLT to access or refer to parts
of an XML document.
XSL Formatting Objects
• , a language that deines XML formatting and display.
Table H-14 shows the XSLT elements specified by the W3C.
Table H-14 XSLT Elements
Element Name
Applies template rule from an imported style sheet
Applies a template rule to the current element
Adds a new attribute to the current output element
Defines a named set of attributes
Provides a way to call a named template
Provides a selection mechanism based on conditions
Adds a comment node to the output
Copies the current node to the output
Creates a copy of the current node
Defines the characters and symbols to be used when converting numbers into
strings in conjunction with the format-number() function
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