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Appendix F
Symbols and Characters
Quick Reference
Using Symbols and Special Characters
There is a way to insert special characters into your HTML and XHTML code by using
the entity character reference. Tables F-1 through F-3 contain the most commonly used
character references, mathematical and technical character references, and arrow character
references. Several projects in the topic use these character references to enhance content
on the Web pages that you create.
You can find a complete list of characters at You can also search the
Web for many other unicode character map resources.
Table F-1 Most Commonly Used Character References
Character Reference
Broken vertical bar
Cent sign
Copyright sign
Currency sign
Double dagger
Greater-than sign
Left-pointing double angle quotation mark
Less-than sign
Em dash
Nonbreaking space (can be used for tabbing on a Web page)
En dash
Not sign
Paragraph sign
Quotation mark = APL quote
Registered mark sign
Right-pointing double angle quotation mark
Section sign
Trademark sign
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