HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Now you can use your FTP program to upload your Web pages to the server.
Be sure to include all HTML files, CSS files, and any graphic files that make up your
Web site. Table E-1 shows the steps to use FTP to upload your files. All of the necessary
information (e.g., username) should be provided to you by the network administrator
for the Web host. Specific keystrokes or mouse clicks to accomplish each step may vary
among FTP clients.
Table E-1 Using FTP to Upload Your Web Files
Start your FTP program.
Type in the host name/address as provided by the network administrator.
Select the host type.
Enter your FTP user ID and password as provided by the network administrator.
You should see both a local system (your computer) as well as the remote system (the Web host) in the FTP
dialog box.
Navigate your local drive to find the folders in which you stored your files; then locate the folders on the remote
Highlight the files that you want to upload and copy the files to the remote system.
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