HTML and CSS Reference
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Table A-3 HTML Tags and Attributes (continued)
HTML Tag and Attributes
Specifies a client-side image map; must enclose <area> tags
name= text
Assigns a name to the image map
Defines marked text
Defines a list/menu of commands
label= menulabel
Specifies a visible label for the menu
type=context, toolbar, list
Specifies which type of menu to display
<meta />
Provides additional data (metadata) about an HTML document
charset= character_set
Specifies the character encoding for the HTML document
content= text
Specifies the value for the <meta> information; required
default-style, refresh
Specifies the HTTP-equivalent name for metadata; tells the server to include
that name and content in the HTTP header when the HTML document is
sent to the client
name= text
Assigns a name to metadata
scheme= text **
Provides additional context for interpreting the information in the content
Defines measurement within a predefined range
form= form_id
Specifies which form this meter belongs to
high= number
Specifies at which point the measurement's value is considered
a high value
low= number
Specifies at which point the measurement's value is considered a low
max= number
Specifies the maximum value; default value is 1.0
min= number
Specifies the minimum value; default value is 0
optimum= number
Specifies which measurement's value is the best value
value= number
Required. Specifies the measurement's current or “measured” value
Defines navigation links
<noframes>….</noframes> **
Defines content to be displayed in browsers that do not support
Includes an external object in the HTML document such as an image, a Java
applet, or other external object
data= URL
Identifies the location of the object's data
form= form_id
Specifies one or more forms the object belongs to
height= pixels
Sets the height of the object to a value in pixels
name= text
Assigns a control name to the object for use in forms
type= mime _ type
Specifies the content or media type of the object
usemap= #mapname
Associates an image map as defined by the <map> element
width= pixels
Sets the width of the object to a value in pixels
Defines an ordered list that contains numbered list item elements (<li>)
Specifies that the list order should be descending
start= start
Specifies the start value of an ordered list
type= option **
Sets or resets the numbering format for the list
Defines an option group
Specifies that an option group should be disabled
label= text
Specifies a label for the option group
New with HTML5
* Deprecated tags
** Not supported in HTML5
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