HTML and CSS Reference
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Table A-3 HTML Tags and Attributes (continued)
HTML Tag and Attributes
<input>….</input> (continued)
multiple= multiple
If present, the user is allowed more than one value
name= text
Assigns a name to the control
pattern= regexp_pattern
Specifies a pattern or format for the input field's value
placeholder= text
Specifies a hint to help users fill out the input field
Prevents changes to the control
Indicates that the input field's value is required in order to submit the form
size= number
Sets the initial size of the control to a value in characters
step= number
Specifies the legal number intervals for the input field
src= URL
Identifies the location of the image if the control is set to an image
type= type
Defines the type of control
value= value
Sets the initial value of the control
Identifies and displays text as having been inserted in the document in
relation to a previous version
cite= URL
Specifies the URL of a document that has more information on the
inserted text
datetime= datetime
Date and time of a change
Sets enclosed text to display as keyboard-like input
Defines a generated key in a form
Makes the input field focused on page load
Specifies that the value of the keygen is set to be challenged when submitted
Disables the keytag field
form= form_id
Defines one or more forms the input field belongs to
keytype=rsa, dsa, ec
Specifies the security algorithm of the key (for example, rsa generates an
RSA key)
name= text
Defines a unique name for the input element; the name attribute
is used to collect the field's value when submitted
Creates a label for a form control
for= element_id
Indicates the name or ID of the element to which the label is applied
form= form_id
Specifies one or more forms the label field belongs to
Assigns a caption to a fieldset element, as defined by the <ieldset> tags
Defines the enclosed text as a list item in a list
value= value
Inserts or restarts counting with value
<link />
Establishes a link between the HTML document and another document,
such as an external style sheet
charset= character set **
Specifies the character encoding of the linked resource
href= URL
Defines the URL of the linked document
name= text
Names the current anchor so that it can be the destination for other links
rel= relationship
Indicates the relationship going from the current page to the target
rev= relationship **
Indicates the relationship going from the target to the current page
sizes= heightxwidth, any
Specifies sizes (height and width) of the linked resource
target= name **
Defines the name of the frame into which the linked resource will appear
type= mime_type
Indicates the data or media type of the linked document (for example,
text/css for linked style sheets)
New with HTML5
* Deprecated tags
** Not supported in HTML5
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