HTML and CSS Reference
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Table A-3 HTML Tags and Attributes (continued)
HTML Tag and Attributes
<colgroup>….</colgroup> (continued)
charoff= value **
Specifies a number of characters to offset data aligned with the character
specified in the char property
span= number
Sets the number of columns the <col> element spans
valign= position **
Specifies vertical alignment of text within the column
width= pixels **
Sets the width of each column spanned by the colgroup statement
Defines a command button
Defines if the command is checked or not; use only if type is radio
or checkbox
Defines if the command is available or not
icon= URL
Defines the URL of an image to display as the command
label= name
Defines a name for the command; the label is visible
radiogroup= groupname
Defines the name of the radiogroup this command belongs to;
use only if type is radio
type=checkbox, command,
Defines the type of command; default value is command
Defines a dropdown list
Indicates that the enclosed text is a definition in the definition list
Defines details of an element
Defines block-level structure or division in the HTML document
align= position **
Specifies alignment of the content block
Creates a definition list
Indicates that the enclosed text is a term in the definition list
Indicates that the enclosed text should be emphasized; usually appears in italics
Defines external interactive content or plugin
height= pixels
Specifies the height of the embedded content
src= URL
Specifies the URL of the embedded content
type= mime_type
Specifies the MIME type of the embedded content
width= pixels
Specifies the width of the embedded content
Groups related form controls and labels
Specifies that a fieldset should be disabled
form= form_id
Specifies one or more forms that a fieldset belongs to
name= text
Specifies the name of the fieldset
Defines the caption of a figure element
Defines a group of media content, and their captions
<font>….</font> **
Defines the appearance of enclosed text
color= color **
Sets the font color; can be a hexadecimal value (#rrggbb) or a word
for a predefined color value
face= list **
Identifies the font face; multiple entries should be separated by commas
point-size= value **
Sets the point size of text for downloaded fonts
size= value **
Sets the font size in absolute terms (1 through 7) or as a relative value
weight= value **
Sets the weight of the font, ranging from 100 (lightest) to 900 (heaviest)
Defines a footer for a section or page
New with HTML5
* Deprecated tags
** Not supported in HTML5
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