HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
In the Lab continued
3. Start with lab12-3table.html and use the techniques learned in this chapter to create an HTML
Web page that displays the jobs data island in a table. Show only five jobs at a time. Save this file as
4. Starting with lab12 searchjobs.html, use the techniques learned in this chapter to create an HTML
Web page that allows clients to search the XML data file on the job title. As in the chapter project, the
user should be able to click the Search button or press the enter key to activate the search. Save this
file as lab12-3searchjobs_solution.html. Use lab12-3jobs_solution.xml as the XML data island for the
JavaScript search function.
5. Make sure you save the completed XML, XSL, and HTML files. The lab12-3homesolution.html file
has been provided in the Data Files for Students. The HTML lab12-3homesolution.html Web page
has links to each of these files. Start your browser and test the files. If an error occurs, check your
code, save, and test again. The HTML Web page will not validate at the site because
the Microsoft <xml> tag and the special <table> tag attributes (datasrc and datapagesize) are not
recognized by the validator.
6. Submit the completed XML, XSL, and HTML files in the format specified by your instructor.
Cases and Places
Apply your creative thinking and problem solving skills to design and implement a solution.
1: Learning about Scalable Vector Graphics
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a way to draw two-dimensional figures in XML. The SVG must
follow and adhere to XML standards. Search the Internet for the SVG tutorials. You want to create a
simple HTML file with the embedded SVG code to draw at least three shapes with color. Open your
HTML file in a browser and capture the image for use in a slide show presentation. Create a slide show
presentation that includes the following (as a minimum): explain SVG and its versions and advantages,
what is needed to create and view a file, and demonstrate the necessary code to draw three shapes and
displays the results in a Web page. Provide your presentation and HTML/SVG files in the format
dictated by your instructor.
2: Creating a Personal XML Database
Using your CD, DVD, or MP3 collection, create an XML file with at least six instances. Include an
XSD Schema that describes your database. To display your database create either an XSL style sheet
or an HTML Web page using an HTML table. In addition, create an HTML Web page to query your
data island in Internet Explorer by artist name.
3: Creating a Schedule of Events XML Database
You are a newly hired intern at Redding Botanical Gardens. Your first task is to create an XML data
island to display in an HTML table for the current month. The table should have seven columns, for
each day of the week, and display only one week at a time. To see other weeks, the user will click the
forward or backward buttons you create. Search the Internet for other botanical gardens to get ideas
for events. Example events might be a weekend flower show, classes, field trips, fundraising activities, or
other activities you can invent.
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