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Elements of a Web Page
Today, many people — individuals, students, teachers, business executives, Web
developers, and others — are developing Web pages for personal or professional reasons.
Each person has his or her own style and the resulting Web pages are as diverse as the
people who create them. Most Web pages, however, include several basic features, or
elements, as shown in Figure 2-2.
grey background
text links
menu bar
body of
Web page
image links
Figure 2-2 Elements of a Web page.
Browser Window Elements
The title of a Web page is the text that appears on the title bar and taskbar of the
browser window when the Web page appears. The title is also the name assigned to the
page if a user adds the page to the browser's list of favorites , or bookmarks . Because of
its importance, you should always include a title on your Web page. The title, which usu-
ally is the first element you see, should identify the subject or purpose of the page. The
title should be concise, yet descriptive, and briefly explain the page's content or purpose to
the visitor.
The body of the Web page contains the information that is displayed in the browser
window. The body can include text, graphics, and other elements. The Web page displays
anything that is contained within the <body> (start body) and </body> (end body) tags.
The background of a Web page is a solid color, a picture, or a graphic against which the
other elements on the Web page appear. When choosing your background, be sure it does
not overpower the information on the Web page. As you surf the Web, watch for back-
ground colors or images that do not allow the content of the Web page to show through.
This is certainly a “what not to do” guideline for Web developers.
Favorites and
Internet Explorer, Google
Chrome, and Mozilla
Firefox have a feature
that allows you to add
Web pages to a list so
you can quickly access
them in the future.
Internet Explorer refers to
these as Favorites, while
Chrome and Firefox calls
them Bookmarks. Web
developers need to make
sure that they include a
descriptive title on their
Web pages because that is
the title that is shown in
the bookmark or favorite.
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