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To Correct a Tag Error and Retest an XML Document
The following steps correct the tag error and retest the XML document.
button on the
Click the Notepad++
Click line 21.
uppercase I with
a lowercase i
(Figure 12-18).
Replace the
item tag
do not press
e n t e r key
Figure 12-18
Save the corrected
Activate the browser.
button on the
Address bar to display
the corrected page
(Figure 12-19).
Click the Refresh
corrected file displays
in browser properly
appears, click the
'Allow blocked
content' button.
(If you are running
Internet Explorer 8 or
lower, your security
message may be
What are the
minus signs by the
<products> and
<item> tags?
The minus signs
preceding the tags
<products> and <item> indicate the level or node (root or child) of the data. A user can collapse or expand the levels of
the document by clicking a plus sign to expand or a minus sign to collapse. An unformatted XML document is difficult to
If a security message
Figure 12-19
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