HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
This chapter shows how to create well-formed documents manually. Figure 12-2a
shows a simple XML document created in Notepad ++. When displayed in or parsed by
a browser or application (Figure 12-2b), this XML document may have little meaning
to a user. Linking the XML document to an XSL style sheet (Figure 12-2c) enables the
browser to display the document in a more readable format (Figure 12-2d).
clicking minus and
plus signs expand
and collapse
all elements
have start
and end tags
remaining elements
nested within root
(b) XML document in browser with no
formatting or style sheet.
(a) XML document text in Notepad++.
code for XSL
style sheet
(c) XSL style sheet.
XML document
formatted by
XSL style sheet
(d) XSL formatted document.
Figure 12-2
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