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Table 11-23
<div id="ceramic" class="moreInfo">
Ceramic tile in a bath or kitchen is easy to install and easy to keep clean. Decorative tile
adds a nice touch to any decor.
<div id="switch" class="moreInfo">
The most important rule is to make sure the power is turned off to the device being repaired.
Use an insulated screwdriver to remove wires.
<div id="screen" class="moreInfo">
You can make emergency repairs with waterproof glue and small pieces of screening for
<div id="faucet" class="moreInfo">
Turn off the water and open the faucet to allow any excess water to drain into the sink.
Cover the sink with a towel or cloth to protect it from tools that may be dropped and to
prevent the small parts from going into the drain. Wrap the jaws of wrenches with tape to
protect the faucet's finish.
9. Add the <a href> anchor tags to the unordered list of the classes offered: ceramic tile, broken light
switches, torn screen, and leaky bathroom faucet for the mouse over and mouse out event handlers
to call the caption() function written in step 5.
10. Use the code in Table 11-16 on page HTML 533 as a guide to write a user-defined function
called specialsPage() to open a pop-up window to display lab11-1specials.html. To call the pop-up
window specials, add the code JavaScript:specialsPage() in the <a href> tag associated with the light
switch rollover image.
11. Save the completed HTML file and test it using your browser. If an error occurs, check your code
from Steps 3 through 10, save, and test again.
12. Validate your Web page, and submit the completed HTML file and Web page in the format
specified by your instructor.
In the Lab
Lab 2: Sierra Gem and Stone Society
Instructions: You are a member of the Sierra Gem and Stone Society. The organization would like
to have a Web presence, so they have asked you to create a Web page. You decide to create a page
that displays a random image on the left of the body text, and runs a slide show of various crystal and
geodes formations on the right. In the body of the text is a reference to Pangea. When the user places
the mouse over the word, a small image of Pangea displays with a pop-up caption. You are to add the
JavaScript code to make these Web pages appear as shown in Figure 11-43 on the next page.
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