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Apply your creative thinking and problem-solving skills to design and implement a solution.
Note: To complete these assignments, you may be required to use the Data Files for Students. See the
inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the Data Files for Students, or contact
your instructor for information about accessing the required files.
1: Create a Usability Survey
Your school recently updated its Web site. The school administration has selected a team to develop a
usability survey or questionnaire that you can give to a group of users (including students, parents, and
teachers) to evaluate the new Web site. What types of information do you hope to gain by distributing
this survey or questionnaire? How can you convey information on the survey or questionnaire so it clearly
identifies what you are asking? Create a usability survey using your word-processing program. Give the
survey or questionnaire to at least five people, including at least one from each group identified above.
Allow participants to complete the survey or questionnaire and then look at the results. If possible, ask the
users what they thought the various questions conveyed. Is that what you wanted to convey? If not, think
of clearer, more relevant questions and redistribute the survey to another group of participants.
2: Learn More About HTML5
This chapter introduced the use of HTML5 in Web development. You will utilize HTML5
throughout this topic, so it is important that you become familiar with it. Visit the W3Schools Web
site ( to learn more about HTML5. Find three other sources of information about
HTML5 on other Web sites. Using a word-processing program, create a document that briefly
describes the Web sites that you found and an explanation about how you could utilize these three
Web sites for Web development.
3: Learn More About Web Access Issues
Your company wants to offer online courses to employees. Several employees have physical challenges,
and it is imperative that the online courses be accessible to everyone. Your manager has asked you to
learn more about accessibility guidelines to determine what changes are needed to make the company's
online courses accessible to those with physical challenges. Research accessibility issues on the Web and
determine what needs should be considered to satisfy accessibility requirements. Make sure to visit the Web site. Consider the following questions when doing your research: What types of physical
challenges do you have to consider when developing Web pages? What recommendations do the Web
sites make for accessibility? Why is this important to you as a Web developer?
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