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Lab 3: Consumer Credit Counselors
Instructions: You are the Webmaster for Consumer Credit Counselors, a not-for-profit organization.
As a benefit for credit-conscious individuals, a Web page will allow users to enter the amount of their
credit card debt, their interest rate, and their minimum monthly payment to calculate the number
of months needed to pay off their credit cards. This Web page will have a scrolling message, “** The
higher your monthly payments, the quicker you can pay off your debt.**” When the Web page loads,
a pop-up window will display some basic information about Consumer Credit Counselors. The Web
page will validate the data entered into the form as numeric and greater than zero and display the
number of months needed to pay off the credit card debt.
pop-up window
with message
about company
click Close button
to close window
form contains text
field with scrolling
form with text
fields and Calculate
and Reset buttons
date Web page
last modified
Figure 10-46
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