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In-Depth Information
Extend Your Knowledge continued
survey questions into the new extend1-1solution.docx file after the analysis completed in step 2.
Add questions to the survey that will help you determine a user's opinion of the selected Web site.
Remember that the purpose of using surveys is to improve a Web site. Your questions therefore
have to provide you with information that can help you achieve that goal.
4. After you have completed these steps, submit the extend1-1solution.docx file in the format
specified by your instructor.
Make It Right
Analyze a document and correct all errors and/or improve the design.
Correcting the Web Site Type Table
Instructions: Start your word-processing program. Open the file makeitright1-1.docx from the
Chapter01\MakeItRight folder of the Data Files for Students. See the inside back cover of this topic
for instructions on downloading the Data Files for Students, or contact your instructor for informa-
tion about accessing the required files. The document, shown in Table 1-6, is a modified version of
Table 1-5 (on page HTML 17). The table, which intentionally contains errors, lists the Web page
organizational standards discussed in this chapter. Without referring to Table 1-5, make the necessary
corrections to Table 1-6 by identifying the correct organizational standard and reason for each of the
seven elements listed. Save the revised document as makeitright1-1solution.docx and then submit it in
the form specified by your instructor.
Table 1-6 Web Page Organizational Standards
Organizational Standard
Use these to separate main topics
These provide graphical elements to break up Web
page content
Use simple ones that clearly explain the purpose
of the page
These provide shorter, more-readable sections
of text
Horizontal Rules
Utilize these in bulleted or numbered format
when appropriate
Web users do not always scroll to view information
on longer pages; appropriate page lengths increase
the likelihood that users will view key information
Maintain suitable Web page lengths
Web users are quick to peruse a page; placing critical
information at the top of the page increases the
likelihood that users will view key information
Insert these graphical elements to separate main
These provide organized, easy-to-read text that
readers can scan
Page Length
Use these to help divide large amounts of text
Titles help users understand the purpose of the page;
a good title explains the page in the search engine
results lists
Emphasize the most important information by
placing it at the top of a Web page
These make a Web page easier to read; simple
headlines clearly explain the purpose of the page
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