HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
alert message
displays when form
correctly submitted
click OK to see
Secret PassMark
Register button displays
when Accept selected
Secret PassMark displays
after OK button clicked
on alert() message
Figure 10-42
Search the Internet to find out how to disable and enable a text field and a button and how to
hide an image with an HTML attribute and style. Then, search for the JavaScript code to disable and
activate the text field and button when an option button has been selected. (You will need to disable
fields and buttons and hide the image when you reload the Web page.) When the text field and button
display, the user will enter an e-mail address, which must be valid, then a PassMark image will be
displayed. ( Hint: Look for the style.display with the getElementById() method.)
Perform the following tasks:
1. Save the file extend10-1.html as extend10-1solution.html.
2. Create a <script> section in the <head> section for three user-defined functions: disableItems(),
accept_it(), and register().
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