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Figure 10-2
To Create a Form Text Field to Display a Scrolling Message
The following step creates a form and a form text field to display a scrolling message. Table 10-1 shows the
HTML code to create the form and a text field for the scrolling message.
Table 10-1 Code to Create a Form and a Text Field
<form id=”msgForm”>
<p style=”text-align:center”><input type=”text” name=”scrollingMsg”
size=”25” /></p>
Line 67 starts the form and uses the id attribute to give the form the unique name, msgForm. Line 68 starts
with a <p> tag and an inline style that centers the text field. The form input tag is a text type, which creates a text
field that can receive data. The text field is named scrollingMsg and is set to a size of 25. Line 69 is the closing
</form> tag.
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