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3: Creating a Web Page for the Green Bay Shopper
As a summer intern for the Green Bay Shopper (a local weekly ad paper), you have been asked to create
the home page for the shopper. You can use the case9-3banner.jpg as the page banner. You can use the
four ad images on the home page to give the page enough length so that the scroll bar displays. Use
paragraphs and lists provided in the case9-3lorem_ipsum text file for text copy in the pages.
The home page should have a drop-down menu with links to real estate, coupons, and personal
ad Web pages. The home page should change the scroll bar face color to #999999 and the track color
to #cccccc. Create a dynamic message indicating the number of days to either a fall event (Halloween,
Thanksgiving, or Christmas) or a spring event (Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, or Memorial Day),
placed between two divider lines (case9-3divider.jpg). Add a copyright message with the date the Web
page was last modified that displays in the status bar of Internet Explorer.
For the real estate Web page, use the three house photos and a paragraph of the lorem ipsum text
as the description of each house. For the coupons page, create a 232 table that displays goods in one
column and a percent discount in the other column. For the personal ads, just create a single column
table with four rows and place a paragraph of the lorem ipsum text in each row.
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