HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Perform the following tasks:
1. Start Notepad++ and open the lab9-1.html file from the Chapter09\IntheLab folder of the Data
Files for Students. Save the file as lab9-1solution.html.
2. Start a new <script> section in the <head> section under the <title> tag. Write a JavaScript user-
defined function to change the scroll bar colors called scrollColor(). Use the code in Table 9-21
on page HTML 429 as a guide, and use the following color values for the scroll bar face and track
face color: #857040
track color: #f4efe9
3. Insert a <div> container using the id taxDay, and the CSS class, taxmessage. Insert this <div>
between the hrimg-red.gif <img> dividers.
4. Write a JavaScript user-defined function called taxMsg() to calculate the date until taxes are due.
Use the code in Tables 9-15, 9-17, and 9-19 on pages HTML 422, 425, and 427 as a guide. Ask
your instructor for which date to use, April 15th or the end of a quarter. Have the message display
as follows: Today is Day, Month, Year. You have N days to file your taxes. Replace Day, Month, and
Year with the current date information, and N should be the number of days until the date taxes
are due.
5. Add the proper event handlers to the <body> tag to call the scrollColor() and taxMsg() user-defined
functions when the Web page loads.
6. Save the completed HTML file, validate it, and test it using your browser. If an error occurs, check
your code and save and test again.
7. Submit the completed HTML file and Web page in the format specified by your instructor.
In the Lab
Lab 2: Tao Health Foods
Instructions: You are the Web developer at Tao Health Foods. The company is opening a new store and
wants to announce the grand opening on their Web site. You decide to add a dynamic announcement
to count down to the grand opening. You decide to use a drop-down menu to link to other pages of
information. To make the Web page more colorful you change the color of the scroll bar. At the bottom
of the Web page you want to add URL information with the date last modified. The Web page should
appear as in Figure 9-23 on the next page.
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