HTML and CSS Reference
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5. Using the code from Tables 9-15, 9-17, and 9-19, write the user-defined function to display the
dynamic message shown in Figure 9-20. Pick a date about 30 days from the current date to use in
the calculation.
6. The <div> tag is not the only container tag. What other tag can be used to contain items? After the
last row of the table and before the end </body> tag, enter a container tag with an id attribute of
footer_Msg. Include a class attribute called “footertext,” which already exists in the CSS code.
7. Write the JavaScript user-defined function, footerMsg(), to display the opera house address as
follows in the footer container:
The Denver Opera House
900 Market Street
Denver, CO 80205
8. Add the onLoad event handler to the <body> tag to call all the user-defined functions when the
Web page loads.
9. Save the revised file in the Chapter09\Extend folder using the filename extend9-1solution.html.
10. Validate the file using the validation Web page.
11. View and test the Web page in Internet Explorer.
12. If any errors occur, check the code against Steps 1 through 8, make any required changes, save the
file using the same filename, and then refresh the Web page in the browser.
13. Submit the revised HTML file and Web page in the format specified by your instructor.
scroll bar colors
match colors in
status bar with copyright and
date file was last modified
Figure 9-20
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