HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
9 Integrating JavaScript
and HTML5
You will have mastered the material in this chapter when you can:
Describe JavaScript and how it can
Use the innerHTML property to display
be integrated with HTML5
Describe how the <div> tag
a dynamic message to a Web page
Write a user-defined JavaScript
container is used to display text
Describe a valid JavaScript user-
function that changes the color of
the browser's scroll bar
Write a user-defined JavaScript
deined function
Write the code to create a <script>
function to open a Web page from
a <select> tag <option> value
Use the lastModified property to
section on a Web page
Define and describe JavaScript
display the date the document
was last modified
Use an event handler to invoke a
Extract the current system date
Calculate the number of days from
JavaScript user-defined function
when a Web page is loaded
the current date to a future date
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