HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
To View a Web Site with Frames
To view the Web site with frames used in this project, you will open the sf2index.html frame definition
file in the browser. Then you will open the HTML file and compare this Web site to the code shown in the
frame definition file.
plugged into your
computer, start your
With a USB drive
frame is
always on
Web page
Open the sf2index.html
file in the SF2\
ChapterFiles folder
of the Data Files for
Students (Figure 2).
dashed blue line used
for demonstration;
does not appear on
Web page
navigation bar
with three links
two frames are coded
as two rows, which split
the screen into top and
bottom sections
links (Schedule,
Contact, and Home)
to view the entire
Web site.
Click the navigation
dynamic content
frame changes
with each link
Figure 2
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