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General Project Guidelines
The Web pages used in this project are already completed with a frame structure. In order
to change the structure, you first need to understand how the current frame structure
works. Then you can determine techniques that can be used to change the structure. In
preparation for this project, you should follow these general guidelines:
1. Review the layout of the frame structure. Frames can assume different layouts. You
could have a two-frame layout in which there is a navigation bar across the top or left
side of the Web page or a three- or four-frame layout. You must first assess the existing
frame structure.
2. Identify the purpose and structure of the frame definition file. Once you have
determined the structure, you need to review the frame definition file to see how
it applies to the layout. This must be done so that you can convert the Web site
3. Determine a conversion strategy that can be used to restructure the Web site. A Web
site needs to be converted effectively. There are different techniques that you can use,
but each technique needs to be assessed for effectiveness and efficiency.
4. Make the necessary changes. Once your technique is determined, you need to make the
necessary changes to the Web site to convert it from a frame structure to a new structure
(as developed in all chapters of this topic).
The Frame Deinition File
The frame definition file structures the frame layout and tells the browser which file to
display in each frame. This is the file that you open in the browser in order to view the
Web site. The frame definition file contains the names of the two, three, or four Web
pages that are opened in frames when the page is loaded.
Table 1 shows the frame tags and attributes, which were part of the HTML 4
specification, that were used to create a frame structure.
Table 1 Frame Tag Attributes
• Indicates the number of columns
• Indicates the number of rows
• Turns frame borders on or off (1 or 0)
• Adjusts the top and bottom margins of a frame
• Adjusts the left and right margins of a frame
• Defines the name of a frame
• Locks the borders of a frame to prohibit resizing
• Specfies whether or not scroll bars will be displayed
• Indicates the Web page or other file to be displayed
in the frame
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