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Lab 3: Adding a Video Clip
Instructions: Your history teacher has asked everyone in class to find one interesting fact from a
government Web site. You find a video clip that discusses beekeeping at the White House, and you
think a Web page showing that clip would be interesting to the other students. The file lab8-3.html is
included in the Chapter08\IntheLab folder of the Data Files for Students.
video size 340 3 240,
with control panel
Figure 8-20
Perform the following tasks:
1. Open the file lab8-3.html in Notepad++. Save the file as lab8-3solution.html.
2. Insert the WH_bees.mp4 file as the video. Set the width to 320 and height to 240 and display the
player controls. The video should not start automatically. There should be a control panel on the
Web page, as shown in Figure 8-20.
3. Include a line of text that is displayed in the event that the user's browser does not support the
video element.
4. Save the file, validate it, and then print it.
5. Test the Web page in Internet Explorer.
6. Submit the solution in the format specified by your instructor.
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