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The video format that you choose depends on the visitors you expect to visit your
Web site. Are most of your Web site visitors users of Macs or PCs? What is the level of
computer (e.g., amount of RAM or cache) and connection speed (e.g., broadband) for
your average user? In this project, you will insert an .mp4 file on a Web page.
Table 8-2 Common Video File Formats
File Extension
Audio / Video Interleaved
Developed by Microsoft to use with Windows
Can contain both audio and video data
Small Web Format
Can contain audio, video, or animations
Requires Adobe Flash Player
Developed by Adobe
Flash Video
Format of choice for embedded video on the
Used by YouTube and Hulu
Moving Picture Experts Group
Can be highly compressed resulting in small file size
Supported by most major browsers
Created on basis of QuickTime format; used for audio and video
Is a quicker, faster, high-quality media
not supported by Windows Media Player
Maintained by Foundation
Designed to provide for efficient streaming and high-quality digital
Can be used with HTML5 <video> tag
Developed by Apple for both Windows and Mac operating systems
File compression can result in smaller file size
Requires QuickTime Player or Adobe Flash Player, which are easily
Proprietary video format developed by Realnetworks
Requires RealPlayer
Developed by Google
Royalty free, open format
Can be used with HTML5 <video> tag
Developed by Microsoft
Windows Media
Originally designed for Internet streaming applications
Requires Windows Media Player or RealPlayer
*Supported by HTML5 <video> tag
Adding an Audio File to a Web Page
Audio Clips
Many good Web design
sites discuss the use
of audio clips in Web
development. Search for
ideas of how you can
most effectively utilize an
audio clip.
Mr. Garcia's English literature class Web site consists of three files. The first Web page,
longfellow.html, is the home page, which contains an image of the Longfellow home
and a horizontal navigation bar. This Web page will not change. The next Web page,
longfellow-audio.html, is the Web page file into which you will insert an audio file,
longfellow-audio.mp3. The third page, longfellow-video.html, will contain the video
clip, longfellow-video.mp4. All Web pages in this Web site are linked to the external style
sheet, stylesch8.css. The external style sheet file is also not changed. Please review the file,
however, so that you are familiar with the styles used in the Web site. Pay special attention
to the classes that are named in the external style sheet and review how those classes are
used in the longfellow-audio.html and longfellow-video.html files.
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