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or viewing experience. You do not want to divert your Web site visitors with distracting
multimedia. The Web site enhanced in this chapter highlights an important 19th century
American poet. To improve the user experience, you will insert an audio clip and a video
clip on two different Web pages. These clips enhance the content of each Web page
nicely; they do not distract from the message.
This chapter provides an introduction to the use of multimedia in Web development.
The chapter focuses on two different forms of multimedia: audio and video. Other
multimedia formats exist, but are not covered in this chapter, including Java applets,
Flash, and automated slideshows. The finished Web pages (Figure 8-2a and 8-2b) contain
relevant audio and video clips that provide valuable multimedia content.
Slideshows, Java,
and Flash
You can easily create
a slideshow from your
pictures using most movie
editing software. A Java
applet is a program
written in the Java
programming language
that can be included in a
Web page. Adobe Flash
is a popular multimedia
platform not discussed in
this chapter. Search the
Web for more information
on these formats.
(a) Web page with
video clip.
video clip of
completed Web page
contains Longfellow
video clip
control panel
provides access to
all player functions
completed Web page
contains Longfellow
audio clip
(b) Web page with
audio clip.
Figure 8-2
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