HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
text editor
menu bar
color coding
in editor
use Tab key
to indent
sections of
text editor
Notepad has no
color coding,
line numbers, or
special features
(a) Notepad++
(b) Notepad
Figure 1-10 With text editors such as Notepad++ or Notepad, you can type HTML tags directly in
the files.
add elements to the Web page, which means that you do not have to enter HTML
tags directly. The main problem with WYSIWYG editors is that they often create
“puffed-up” HTML code (HTML tags with many lines of unnecessary additional
code surrounding them).
Regardless of which type of program you use to create Web pages, it is important
to understand the specifics of HTML so you can make changes outside of the editor. For
instance, you may be able to create a Web page with Dreamweaver, but if you want to
make some minor changes, it is very helpful to know the HTML tags themselves. It is also
important to understand the Web development life cycle so the Web pages in your Web
site are consistent and complete.
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