HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Extend Your Knowledge continued
Perform the following tasks:
1. Start a new file in Notepad++, and add the following CSS code to create a new external style sheet
that specifies the following:
a. all links red in color, bolder weight, and no text-decoration
b. h1 headings in red, paragraph left and right margins 40 pixels
c. hover color blue with a red background
2. Save the file as extend7-1styles.css and print the file.
3. Open the extend7-1.html file from the Data Files for Students and add a link statement to the
external style sheet extend7-1styles.css.
4. Save the file as extend7-1solution.html, validate the code, and then print the file.
5. Open the extend7-1solution.html file in the browser and print the Web page.
6. Submit the solution in the format specified by your instructor.
Make It Right
Analyze a document and correct all errors and/or improve the design.
Correcting the Halloween Night Dinner and Dance Web Page
Instructions: Start Notepad++. Open the file makeitright7-1.html from the Chapter07\MakeItRight
folder of the Data Files for Students. See the inside back cover of this topic for instructions on
downloading the Data Files for Students, or contact your instructor for information about accessing
the required files. The Web page is a modified version of what you see in Figure 7-19, but it contains
errors, including in the CSS code. The heading should be in italics, and the last paragraph should be
italic and size small. Make the necessary corrections to the Web page to make it look like the figure.
errors in Web page
code are corrected
Figure 7-19
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