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3: Learning About Advanced Form Processing
You work in the Web development department for a small company in your community. You
are interested in learning the latest programming techniques so you can stay current with the
technology. In this chapter, data from a form was sent in a file to an e-mail address. The chapter
mentioned CGI scripts and the PHP and Perl programming languages as better, more secure
methods to use for processing the information submitted in a form. While CGI scripts and Perl
programming are beyond the scope of this topic, they are important topics to study. Search the Web
to find additional information about CGI scripts, PHP, and Perl used in conjunction with forms. Try
to find online tutorials that explain how to use these techniques. What other options are available for
collecting information online? Develop a Web page that lists links to various Web sites that discuss
these topics. Under each link, write a brief paragraph explaining the purpose of each Web site and
why it is important to review.
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