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Lab 1: Creating a School Bookstore Survey
Instructions: The staff of the school bookstore wants to survey students about their topic-buying habits
to determine where they purchase their topics. The staff has asked you to create a Web page form that
contains the questions shown in Figure 6-30.
horizontal rule
to divide page
text boxes
radio buttons
radio buttons
Figure 6-30
Perform the following tasks:
1. Using Notepad++, create a new HTML file with the title Lab 6-1 in the main heading section. Add
the Web page h2 heading Bookstore Survey at the top of the page.
2. Create a form and identify the form process using the post method with the action attribute set to
3. Add seven text boxes for first name, last name, home or school address, city, state, ZIP, plus e-mail
4. Add two radio buttons for users to say whether or not they use the campus bookstore.
5. Add a selection menu with three options of your choosing (or use Arnie's topics, Lafollet Shops, and
University Bookstore) for users to select the bookstore in which they shop.
6. Create a second set of radio buttons for users to say whether they have purchased topics on the
7. Create a textarea for additional comments and set it to 6 rows and 100 columns.
8. Add Submit and Reset buttons at the bottom of the Web page form.
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