HTML and CSS Reference
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To Save the HTML File
With the Web page form complete, the HTML file should be saved. The following
step saves the bluwav.html file on the USB drive.
With a USB drive plugged into your computer, click File on the menu bar and then click
the Save button to save the bluwav.html file.
To Validate, View, and Test a Web Page
After completing the Blu Wav Music Web page form, you should validate the code,
and view and test it in a browser to confirm that the Web page appears as desired and that
the controls function as expected. Note that you cannot test the Submit button because
it automatically generates an e-mail message to, which is a nonexis-
tent e-mail address. When you are collecting information from an online form, it is very
important to test that the information is accurate. It is beyond the scope of this topic to
address validation issues related to server-side processing. After testing the controls, the
Web page and the HTML code should be printed for future reference. The following
steps validate, view, and test a Web page.
Validate the bluwav.html file by file upload at
In Internet Explorer, click the Address bar, type G:\Chapter06\ChapterFiles\bluwav
.html or the location of your file, and then press the e n t e r key to display the completed
form for Blu Wav Music (Figure 6-25 on the next page).
Review the form to make sure all spelling is correct and the controls are positioned
Test all of the text boxes on the form. Try to type more than the maximum number of
allowable characters in the additional radio station text box.
Click the check boxes to test them. You should be able to choose one, two, or any number
of the boxes at the same time because check boxes are designed to select more than one
Test the selection control by clicking the list arrow and selecting one of the options.
Click the radio buttons to test them. You should be able to make only one choice (Don't
buy music, iTunes, Amazon, Other online store, or Retail store).
Test the textarea by entering a paragraph of text. Verify that it allows more characters to
be entered than are shown in the textarea.
Click the Reset button. It should clear the form and reset all controls to their original
(default) state.
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