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Web Site Types and Purposes
The three general types of Web sites are Internet, intranet, and extranet. Table 1-1
lists characteristics of each of these three types of Web sites.
An Internet site , also known as a Web site , is a site generally available to the public.
Individuals, groups, companies, and educational institutions use Web sites for a variety
of purposes. Intranets and extranets also use Internet technology, but access is limited to
specified groups. An intranet is a private network that uses Internet technologies to share
company information among employees. An intranet is contained within a company or
organization's network, which makes it private and only available to those who need access.
Policy and procedure manuals usually are found on an intranet. Other documents such as
employee directories, company newsletters, product catalogs, and training manuals often are
distributed through an intranet.
An extranet is a private network that uses Internet technologies to share
business information with select corporate partners or key customers. Companies and
organizations can use an extranet to share product manuals, training modules, inventory
status, and order information. An extranet also might allow retailers to purchase inventory
directly from their suppliers or to pay bills online.
Companies use Web sites to advertise or sell their products and services worldwide,
as well as to provide technical and product support for their customers. Many company
Web sites also support electronic commerce ( e-commerce ), which is the buying and
selling of goods and services on the Internet. Using e-commerce technologies, these Web
sites allow customers to browse product catalogs, comparison shop, and order products
online. Figure 1-4 shows, which is a company that sells and distributes
Intranets and Extranets
There are many Web
sites that discuss ideas for
intranets and extranets.
Many companies are
already using these
technologies and share
their “best practice”
techniques. Many Web
sites provide valuable
information on building
and maintaining an
intranet or extranet, along
with additional resources.
Today, e-commerce is a
standard part of doing
business. E-commerce
technologies, however,
continue to change,
offering new applications
and potential uses.
Table 1-1 Types of Web Sites
Used to share information such as personal information,
product catalogs, course information with the public
Employees or
Used to share information such as forms, manuals,
organization schedules with employees or members
Select business
Used to share information such as inventory updates, product
specifications, financial information with business partners
and customers
Web site used for
distribution of textbook-
related material
Figure 1-4 is a Web site that provides online educational material.
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