HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
border around
image map
link created
paragraph in normal font
with no additional styles
navigation bar of links display
as unordered list with additional
space because of the special
e-mail link underlined
in standard link color
Figure 5-30
To Test Links on a Web Page
Especially with image
maps, it is important
to test the Web page
thoroughly in the browser.
If one incorrect number
is typed as an x- or
y-coordinate, the entire
image map can be wrong
as a result. Make sure
that the clickable area is
exactly where you want
it to be by testing your
Web pages.
With the USB flash drive in drive G, click the Skiing link from the home page just created.
Click back to the Home page from there, using either the image map or the text link.
Next, click the other links to test the additional Web pages provided in the Data Files
for Students (boating.html and dining.html). Test the links back to the Home page from
those Web pages.
To Print an HTML File
After your HTML code has passed validation, it is a good idea to make a hard copy
printout of it.
Click the Notepad++ button on the taskbar to activate the Notepad++ window.
Click the Print Now button on the toolbar to print a hard copy of the HTML code
(Figure 5-31).
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