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Inserting Special Characters
The next step in creating the home page is to add the registered trademark sym-
bol, as shown in Figure 5-25. The registered trademark symbol (®) is a special character,
many of which are listed in Appendix F. To display the registered trademark symbol, you
use the following entity: ® as the code. In HTML, character entity references are
code snippets that are interpreted by Web browsers to display special characters. These
predefined character entities enhance the content on the Web pages that you create. A
registered trademark symbol is a distinctive indicator used by an individual, a business
organization, or another type of legal entity to identify that the products or services with
which the trademark appears originate from a unique source. This symbol indicates that
the trademark has been federally registered. This symbol differs from the ™ (trademark)
symbol in that the ™ symbol is one in which the individual or business either has a pend-
ing federal trademark application, or they are simply claiming the rights to the mark. The
entity for the ™ symbol is ™ as found in Appendix F.
In this project, you will insert the ® entity on line 18 within the paragraph of text
that you just entered. You will insert the registered trademark symbol after the </span> tag
because there is no reason to have the symbol be a different color font in bold.
Using Special
Some characters are
reserved in HTML. If
you want the browser
to actually display these
characters, you must insert
the character entities
in the HTML source. For
example, you cannot use
the greater than or less
than signs within your
text because the browser
could mistake them for
markup. You therefore use
the special characters &gt;
(greater than) and &lt;
(less than) to display those
registered trademark
symbol already inserted
in image
registered trademark
symbol inserted in
paragraph in next step
Figure 5-25
You will use one other special character on this Web page. In the next section of
code, you will insert a nonbreaking space to separate the navigation bar at the bottom
of the Web page. The nonbreaking space (&nbsp;) is a common character entity used in
HTML. Browsers will always truncate spaces in HTML pages. If you include 10 spaces
in a row in your HTML file, the browser will remove 9 of them before displaying the
page. To add spaces to your text, you use the &nbsp; character entity. The &nbsp; special
character is used in this project to add space that separates the menu items.
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