HTML and CSS Reference
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To Add a Paragraph of Text
Now you will add a paragraph of text for the home page. You will use a class
named “boldword” twice in the paragraph. This class is defined later in the chapter in the
external style sheet.The HTML code for this text is shown in Table 5-5.
Table 5-5 HTML Code for a Header and Paragraphs
HTML Tag and Text
<p><span class="boldword">Lake Tahanna</span> is a great place to
visit. You can ski in the morning and enjoy boating in the afternoon.
After a day of fun, relax while enjoying the ambience of one of our
many wonderful restaurants. Click the links above or below to discover
activity and dining options. Send comments or questions to <span
class="boldword">Lake Tahanna Tourism</span> at <a href="mailto:tahanna@"><span style="text-decoration: underline"></span>
The following step enters the tags for the heading and paragraphs of text.
Enter the HTML code shown in Table 5-5 and then press the e n t e r key twice (Figure 5-24).
class boldword inserted;
will be defined in the
external style sheet
of text
insertion point
on line 20
e-mail link
e-mail link is
Figure 5-24
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